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Criminal background checks are common when applying for jobs, schools, housing (apartments, condos, and community associations), loans, grants, special licenses, promotions, security clearances and more.
That most employers check criminal history prior to hiring.
That most professional certifications require criminal history check prior to issuance.
That many landlords now demand criminal history background check prior to leasing or renting.
That almost all youth volunteer positions (e.g.: coaching & teaching) require clean criminal history.
That insurance and loan rates could be affected by your criminal history in certain cases.
Even if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, the record of your arrest and court case still exists on your PUBLIC RECORD. Contrary to popular belief, a criminal record is not automatically sealed nor does it go away over time. It remains public and permanent until ordered sealed or expunged by the legal system.
Once sealed or expunged all records of your arrest and/or subsequent court cases are removed from your public record! Even better, once sealed, you may LEGALLY DENY OR FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE that you were arrested for the crime, which you had sealed or expunged!

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Gilbert G. Garcia has practiced Criminal Law since 1978 and has been Board Certified in Criminal Law since 1989. The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm is the logical choice to represent you in your Criminal Record cleaning quest. The Gilbert G. Garcia law Firm is a Texas firm that provides the quality Record Cleaning services you deserve so that you can have a new lease on life

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