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If you were convicted in Texas and successfully completed probation, you may qualify to have your conviction set aside. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure gives judges the right to dismiss a case against a convicted defendant who fully completes the terms of his or her probation. See Tex. Code Crim. Pro. Art. 42.12 § 20. If you were convicted of an offense several years ago, have successfully completed probation and have a relatively clean record, we may be able to help you get your case set aside

Benefits of Having Your Texas Conviction Set Aside:

bullet The finding of guilt is removed and the case is dismissed
bullet  Restores your right to own a firearm
bullet  Restores your right to VOTE
bullet  You are "released of all penalties and disabilities" of the offense
bullet  You can truthfully say that the charges were dismissed
bullet  Background checks will not show the conviction (though records of the arrest and the dismissed court case may be visible on background checks in limited situations).

Who is Eligible?
Those who wish to clean up their criminal record that have a conviction. Texas law does not allow Expungement or Orders of Non-Disclosures on cases that resulted in a conviction.

What are my chances of success?
The odds of success vary greatly because the judge has discretion on whether or not to set aside your conviction. If this is your only conviction and you have successfully completed probation, then you are likely eligible.

The factors the court can or will consider are:

bullet How long it has been since you completed probation
bullet How this will help you support a family, yourself or contribute to society
bullet How this will help you improve yourself
bullet What else is on your criminal record
bullet What positive things you have done since the conviction
bullet Your level of remorse for the offense
bullet Anything else that would show that it is in the interest of justice

All of those factors do not need to weigh in your favor, but the more that do, the greater the chance of success. There is not a money back guarantee policy. This process involves a substantial amount of preparation and sometimes several appearances in court by an attorney. The chance of success depends on the criminal record, the client’s rehabilitation and the courts discretion.

What will show when someone does a background check?
The answer to that depends on the type of background check. If the background check is only searching for convictions, your case should not show. If the background check is searching for all cases under your name, the record of a court case with no finding of guilt and a dismissal will show. It will probably show what you were charged with, but it will not show a finding of guilt and you can truthfully say you were not convicted.

How long does it take?
We start on all cases right away, but the time it takes to finish varies by court. Typically, it takes 6 months or longer; but this time can vary based on the court's schedule or the difficulty obtaining necessary court records and evidence.

Can I do this myself?
Everyone has the right to represent himself in court. But this is a very complex and difficult type of case.

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